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Jazz Appreciation

Crewkerne U3A Jazz Appreciation Group

Face to Face Meeting. The Crewkerne & District U3A Jazz Appreciation Group met at Bincombe Drive for a real Face to Face session on August 18th. We enjoyed a Buffet lunch and some mixed Jazz. Members suggested their favourite tracks as we sat in the garden, surrounded by masses of flowers, the sound of water from the pond and Jazz of all types. Needless to say all Covid precautions were adhered to. Members were delighted to see each other, for real, once again. It was obvious from the chatter that just erupted, that we had all missed the company. A few plans were made for future meetings although the venue is unclear at the moment. We are hoping to visit some local live Jazz concerts and will have our usual Christmas lunch in December. U3A was very much appreciated by the participants as was the continual contact during lockdown when so many of our members were living alone. Hopefully this last session will be followed by more face to face sessions as they are obviously much appreciated. Anyone wishing to join this group please email Val Warren via link on right.

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